How to make a headband using Human hair bundles. Why is it so popular?

Headbands wigs are one of the most in-demand wigs. It is important to know what a headband is, how it is made using Human hair Bundles and why it is so popular. This article will provide all the details. Let’s dive in without wasting any more time.

What’s a Headband Wig?

A Headband Wig is a wig made from a piece that looks like a hairband. These wigs can be secured on the head with a headband, instead of regular clips or fasteners. Like regular wigs, headband wigs come in a variety of styles, colors, lengths, and densities. A headband wig can be used to achieve any length hairstyle, no matter how long or short. Let’s now see how a headbandwig is made.

How to Make a Headband Wig with Human Hair Bundles

Sew-in headband:

You should first cut the headband at its middle seam. Next, fold the headband in half so that you can find the middle. Then, place the headband in your cap and pin it across the front.

When sewing the headband to the cap, make sure it passes through the mesh and not the elastic. Do not sew in the exact same place as if you were making a frontal hairstyle. However, if your goal is to make a frontal hairstyle, you can start at where your ear will be. Now, attach the headband.

Sew in the human hair bundles

After you have finished that part, check the Velcro. To ensure that the Velcro is properly positioned, you would sew it in at the back. Then you can add the human hair bundles. This is the traditional method of making a human hair-wig . You just need to move from left to right up to the top.

When you reach the sides, you should ensure that the elastic is not being sewn through. Instead, you should only sew through mesh. You should also sew a U-shape track to get to the top. Next, close the wig. Now you will need to sew left-to-right to the front of your mesh cap. Once you get to the front, fold your track so they are flat.

Close-up combs and Velcro:

You will now need Velcro and close-up combs. At least two small clip-combs are needed, such as the ones that pop in and then out. One regular comb is required to be at the back. The small clip combs should be placed behind the elastic band, but not behind the cap’s elastic band. The Velcro can be purchased at Wal-Mart and Market. It is the type with the sticky peel on its back. You can apply the Velcro to the sticky peel to prevent it from falling. If they fall off, stick them on. You can also use any extras to sew them on. Sticky is quick and easy to use. Once your edges are dry from gel and edge control you can apply a little ocean to it and rub it on. This will remove any whiteness.

Why you should pick a headband-wig?

There are many reasons to choose a headband over other types of hair wigs. These are the top reasons that many women prefer to wear headband wigs instead of other types of hair wigs.

1. There is no glue or gel

Headband wigs are a popular choice for women because they don’t require adhesive or glue to be attached. These adhesives and glues can cause skin irritations. A headband wig may be the best choice for you if you have an allergy to these chemicals. It takes much less time to put the wig together, as you don’t need to cut the lace or apply glue to your scalp.

2. They protect natural hair

Protect your hair with a headband wig. Your natural hair will be protected against the elements that can cause severe damage if you wear a wig with a headband. A headband wig will protect your hair from damage and heat styling. This will help your natural hair grow.

3. You can choose the style that suits your tastes

Headband wigs are available in many styles, lengths and colors. This allows you to pick the style you desire. A headband wig can be worn in any length you want, whether you’re looking for a short or long wig. There are many options available when it comes to headbands wigs.

4. They are lightweight and breathable

Headband wigs are loved for their breathability. They are lightweight and allow for your scalp to breathe. A headband wig will allow your scalp to breathe so you don’t sweat as much. Headband wigs are breathable, so you’ll feel comfortable wearing them.

5. They are very easy to wear

The headband wig is a top-rated wig that provides great convenience. The wig can be worn in just a few minutes. It doesn’t take much time to cut the lace or apply glue or adhesive to your hair. It can take as long as 2 hours to wear a lace front wig. Headband wigs are much more convenient. Headband wigs are a great choice for beginners who don’t know how to put a wig on their heads. This wig is ideal for busy women who don’t have the time or desire to put on a wig.

How to Wear a Headband Wig.

Wearing a headband-wig is easy enough that even a novice can do it. This guide will help you to wear your headband.

1. Make sure to comb the wig’s headband

You must first comb your hair. To remove any knots or tangles, use a comb. You can also use a wide-toothed comb to clean and refresh your headband wig. You should use a smaller brush if your wig is shorter. Begin at the top and work your way down to the ends. You can avoid damage to your wig by brushing lightly. A wig stand is an alternative if you need to keep your wig in place.

2. Make your natural hair look great

After you have finished combed the wig, it is time to style your hair. Before you put on the headband, tie your hair in a ponytail. You can use both your hands to pull back sections of your hair to create a ponytail. The wig will feature your natural hair at the front, so the ponytail will not be visible at the back. For shorter hair, a ponytail should be centered at the back. If you need the wig to be secure, you can cover the back of your hair with a wig cap.

3. Retort your hair in rows

Divide the front section of your hair horizontally by braiding it along your forehead. After your braids have been placed, you can continue to separate the rest of your hair into 1-inch sections using a flat edge comb. Each section should be twisted backwards until it reaches your lower neck. To fold the lower section of your braids, you can use hair clips. This will make it easier to hide your hair under the wig.

4. Install the headband

Most headband wigs have clips that allow you to secure your wig in place. Attach the wig clips to the edge of your wig cap. Place your headband wig over your head. Secure the cap around your head, including the sides.

5. Style your wig

After you have put your wig on, it is time to style it. You can also style your headband wig made of human hair. You can heat, dye or permit it. If it is straight, you can make it curly or vice versa. The versatility of human hair headbands wigs is unmatched.


The headband wig does not always appear out of nowhere. Headband wigs were created to address the shortage of lace wigs during the initial stages of the epidemic. People are more likely to spend their time at home, which means that human hair manufacturers have more reasons for creating a more user-friendly method of making human hair wigs.

Headband wigs are still very popular due to their natural appearance, easy-to-use, fashionable and low-maintenance hairstyle. Many wigs can be replaced because of their ease of use. As long as your hair is not tangled or shaved, headband wigs are an option. Headband wigs can also be worn if you’re not comfortable wearing a wig. You don’t need to use extra hair clips or glue and it looks natural. Headband wigs are still a popular trend. If you are looking for a trial wig, Lollyhair mall is the best place to go. You can browse our stock of many wigs and place your order online.

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