Side effects of pregnancy: What to Expect When People Forget To Tell You

Although it is a beautiful thing, the negative side effects of pregnancy can be embarrassing, frustrating, and even gross. It’s worth it when your baby is happy. It is not a topic of discussion at the dinner table that all those nights of uncomfortably sleeping, swelling, gas and unpredicted body fluids dripping, together with it results of pregnancy, are certainly not.

To be fair, each woman’s path to pregnancy is different. While some women are able to conceive naturally, others need help from a specialist fertility clinic. However, regardless of whether you are able to conceive naturally, or require assistance, one thing is certain: the signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

It is important to realize that not every pregnancy is the same. Signs and symptoms experienced by a woman in her first pregnancy could be very different from yours. You might experience different signs and symptoms for your first pregnancy than the ones you are familiar with for your second. This just goes to show how hormones affect every woman differently.

It doesn’t matter how frustrating these symptoms and signs of pregnancy can be, they are part of the process of accelerating the growth of your child. It’s important to be aware of the signs and symptoms. Here are some of the most frustrating and common discomforts associated with pregnancy.

You can expect negative effects while pregnant

Frequent Peeing

Frequent peeing may have been something you noticed before you found out you were pregnant. This is a common sign of pregnancy.

This particular symptom is so distressing because it can stick to you throughout your pregnancy. It will also get worse if your baby grows and sits on your bladder. It’s so much fun to be pregnant!

Itchy Skin

Itchy skin can last a long time during pregnancy because your baby’s belly grows. Stretchmarks are another result of your expanding belly. Research has shown that stretchmarks can be caused by your genes.

This is why some pregnant women get stretchmarks during pregnancy, while others don’t. However, it doesn’t matter if you have stretchmarks, your body expanding can cause the skin to itch. Keep your skin moisturized and drinking plenty of water.

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Candida Albicans

Every woman has yeast in her body. The only problem for women is when the yeast outgrows other microorganisms within your body. This is especially true when you’re pregnant.

According to, when you conceive, your body produces more oestrogen, which in turn makes more glycogen. This makes it easier for yeast to grow inside a pregnant woman’s bodies. It is possible to treat Candida albicans while pregnant. Your child will not be affected by the infection.

Acid reflux

If you have acid reflux and are not pregnant but you don’t feel pregnant, you can wait until you become pregnant. You’ll be like a fire-breathing dragon! Acid reflux is caused in part by progesterone. This hormone is what causes your stomach to slow down in digesting and emptying meals. Avoid spicy foods and foods high in acidity to reduce your chances of acid reflux.


Perhaps you have noticed that women’s noses become wider when they conceive. The same thing happens during pregnancy, which causes the bloodstream vessels to expand. This particular expansion will cause an increase in bloodstream supply, which can then put excessive pressure on individual vessels, causing them to burst.

Extra Saliva Development

Although this is a symptom you don’t often notice, it is quite common. If you feel like you need to spit more when you are pregnant, it could be a sign that you are feeling sick. This symptom is common in pregnant women. They will either have a “spit bucket”, or eat small snacks to reduce their saliva. The most irritating sign and symptom of pregnancy is excessive salivation.


Another side effect of the annoying hormone progesterone is constipation. It slows down the movement of food through your digestive system and can cause acid reflux. This is a problem that can be bothersome when you first get pregnant. However, as your baby grows, you will notice an increase in pressure in your rectum. This will allow you to find relief from constipation and “get things moving.”

While many pregnancy discomforts can be considered normal, it is essential to seek medical guidance and support when experiencing concerning symptoms or when unsure about the overall health and progress of the pregnancy. Urgent care centers, such as the walkin clinic Woodside NY, provide convenient access to healthcare professionals who can address pregnancy-related concerns.

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