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SmallRig RC 350B COB LED Video Light: Unleashing Powerful Illumination and Ensuring All-around Protection

SmallRig RC 350B COB LED Video Light, a remarkable lighting solution that perfectly combines the brilliance of LED cob lighting with the versatility of a travel tripod. SmallRig, a renowned brand in the industry, presents a video light that highlights the seamless integration of Movable COB lighting and travel tripod to cater to the needs of professional videographers and photographers.

Powerful Illumination

Equipped with the latest “AstralTech” optical system and a patented light source, the SmallRig RC 350B delivers exceptional illumination. Experience the outstanding power of this video light, with a maximum illuminance of 115,000Lux (1m) (at 5600K, with reflector). Capture every detail and bring your visuals to life with stunning clarity and brightness. The SmallRig RC 350B ensures that you have the perfect lighting setup for any shooting situation.

All-around Protection and Portability

SmallRig prioritizes the safety and convenience of users, providing all-around protection and portability features. The RC 350B comes with a dedicated carrying bag, allowing for effortless storage and transportation. Safeguard your investment and easily take your video light wherever your creative journey takes you. Additionally, the lightweight design ensures convenient handling, reducing fatigue during extended shoots.

Three Different Control Options

SmallRig understands the importance of flexible control options in achieving optimal lighting results. The RC 350B offers three different control options tailored to your preferences and shooting requirements. Switch the light on/off with the convenient light switch, or utilize the SmallGoGo App to remotely adjust settings using your smartphone. For direct and immediate access to settings, the optional control panel provides an additional control option. Enjoy seamless control over your lighting setup to achieve your desired visual effects effortlessly.


In short, the SmallRig RC 350B COB LED Video Light boasts powerful illumination capabilities and ensures all-around protection for your lighting needs. With its “AstralTech” optical system and patent light source, this video light delivers exceptional brightness and clarity, allowing you to capture stunning visuals with ease. The inclusion of a carrying bag and lightweight design enhances convenience and portability, enabling you to take your lighting setup wherever you go. Furthermore, the availability of three different control options empowers you to customize and control your lighting setup effortlessly. Experience the perfect combination of “LED cob lighting” and “travel tripod” with the SmallRig RC 350B and elevate your videography and photography to new heights.

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