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Take Control of Your Energy with Sunworth Solar Power Storage Systems

Sunworth, a reputable solar system manufacturer, presents the Sunworth 160~320W Off-grid Solar Home System with Lead-acid Batteries DC& AC Series. This system is specifically designed to address the electricity needs of civilian life in remote areas without stable power supply, such as plateaus, islands, pastoral areas, and border posts. Sunworth’s commitment to providing efficient solar power storage solutions is evident in the design and functionality of their Off-grid Solar Home System. In this article, we explore the advantages of Sunworth’s 160~320W Off-grid Solar Home System with Lead-acid Batteries DC& AC Series, including its ability to solve electricity usage challenges in remote areas, its reliable power supply, and its suitability for various off-grid applications.

Reliable Power Supply for Remote Areas

Sunworth’s Off-grid Solar Home System offers a reliable power supply solution for remote areas lacking stable electricity. Whether it’s a plateau, island, pastoral area, or border post, this system ensures a steady and consistent source of power for civilian life. With Sunworth’s expertise in solar power storage, individuals and communities in remote areas can enjoy the benefits of electricity, improving their quality of life and enabling various daily activities.

Versatile Off-grid Solution for Various Applications

The Sunworth 160~320W Off-grid Solar Home System is designed to cater to a wide range of off-grid applications. From powering lighting systems and small appliances to charging electronic devices, this system provides a versatile solution for different needs. With its integration of lead-acid batteries and both DC and AC capabilities, Sunworth offers users the flexibility to meet their specific power requirements, ensuring comprehensive and efficient solar power storage.


Sunworth, a trusted solar system manufacturer, introduces the Sunworth 160~320W Off-grid Solar Home System with Lead-acid Batteries DC& AC Series. With its ability to address electricity challenges in remote areas, reliable power supply, and versatility for various off-grid applications, Sunworth provides individuals and communities with an efficient and sustainable solar power storage solution. Choose Sunworth and experience their commitment to quality, innovation, and meeting the unique energy needs of remote areas. Embrace the benefits of solar power storage and enjoy uninterrupted power supply—the Sunworth way.

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