Yoga poses for beginners at your home

Yoga is a way to heal yourself and live a healthy life. Yoga can help you build strength and harmony in both your mind and body. You can relax your mind and soul with more than 100 yoga poses.

You should learn some postures to help you feel relaxed and refreshed when you start yoga. Here are some yoga poses that can help beginners get started. These postures will lead to a happy and healthy mind.

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Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose, as its name suggests, is the base for all standing poses. Standing tall in mountain poses allows you to feel the earth beneath your feet. Although it may appear that you are just standing, this is more than just standing.

Keep your feet together and stand straight. Next, press your toes together and then spread them out. To lift your kneecaps, use your quadriceps. To draw your abdominals in, press your shoulder blades down. Inhale to lift your chest and bring your shoulders back. Keep your breath going for between 5 and 8 seconds. You will feel your shoulder blades come together and your palms face towards your body.

Downward Facing Dog

The Downward Facing dog pose will allow you to stretch your body and strengthen your muscles.

Your hands and feet should be on the ground so that your wrists are below your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Now, lift your hips upward and draw them towards your heel. As you raise your hips, straighten your legs. For more space, move your hands forward and stretch. Place your hands on the ground, and then rotate your elbows in towards one another. Keep your back moving while you keep your torso in line with the ground. You can rest for up to 5-8 seconds.


Planks will strengthen your abdominals, make it easier to use the breath and improve your ability to hold a challenging pose. You will learn how to balance your whole body on your hands by placing your body into the plank position.

All fours. Keep your toes flat on the ground, and raise your legs. You should feel straight from your head down to your toes when you balance in this position. Take 9-10 deep breaths while bringing your ribs together.


The triangle pose allows you to relax and strengthen your muscles by embracing the stretches. This is the position that will stretch your waist while opening your lungs and strengthening your whole body.

Standing straight up with your feet apart, stand tall. Now, extend your arms outwards and reach your shoulders. Your right foot should be 90 degrees, and your left foot 45 degrees. Engage your quadriceps, abdominals and right side as you cross your right side. Now, place your right hand on either your ankle or shin. Lift your left arm up to the top. Hold this position for five to eight breaths. For your left side, repeat the same position.


Yoga is about balance and relaxation. You can achieve clarity and focus by practicing tree pose. Balance your whole body on one foot, and then breathe.

Place one foot on the inner thigh and the other on the ground. Place your hands in a prayer position. Now, gaze directly at a spot in front of you. After taking 8-10 deep breaths, switch sides. Tip: Keep your shoulders relaxed, and your abdominals engaged.


A back bend is a great way to strengthen your back muscles. It stretches your entire body and strengthens the back.

Place your feet flat on the ground. Your feet should be firm and you should lift your hips off the ground. Place your hands on the ground and open your chest. Your heels should be pointing towards your back. You can repeat the same position twice.

Child poses

Child’s pose, which is all about relaxation in yoga, is the best and most soothing. This is the position that allows you to relax and soothe yourself. Child’s pose can help you relax if you feel tired or depressed. Child’s pose will give you stress relief.

Place your feet on the ground, bringing your knees to the surface. Your hips should be in the back. Keep your arms straight and your elbows bent. Relax your shoulders and lower your head towards the ground. You can hold this position for as long or as you like.


Yoga can be a part your everyday life, allowing you to have peace of mind and live a healthy lifestyle. Yoga’s simple and straightforward postures will help you relax and bring calm to your mind.

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