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Comprehensive Aluminium Formwork System for Efficient Construction

Aluminium formwork systems are revolutionizing the construction industry with their efficiency and versatility. They offer a comprehensive solution that consists of various components and materials to meet the unique requirements of different projects. One prominent brand in this domain is GETO Global Construction, which has established itself as a reliable provider of high-quality formwork solutions.

System Components and Materials

The aluminium formwork system encompasses a range of components and materials tailored for specific construction needs. The embedded flat-tie system utilizes embedded flat-ties, aluminium alloy wall panels with grooves at their edges, hookies, hollow sections, flat-tie raking shores, and pins and wedges. On the other hand, the reusable flat-tie system incorporates reusable flat-ties, flat-tie sleeves, aluminium alloy wall panels with grooves, hookies, hollow sections, flat-tie raking shores, pins, and wedges. These materials and components ensure the structural integrity and stability of the formwork system.

Features of the Flat-Tie System

The flat-tie system offers several notable advantages. Its lightweight accessories facilitate ease of handling, while smaller gaps between raking shores allow for precision adjustments and better verticality control. Consequently, the resulting concrete walls exhibit superior verticality. Moreover, the formwork system with embedded flat-ties leaves minimal visible holes in the concrete walls after dismantlement, eliminating the need for costly hole filling. This feature not only saves time and resources but also enhances the waterproofing quality of the wall body.

Tie-Rods and Waler System

The tie-rod system is another popular option within the aluminium formwork system. It comprises tension tie-rods, aluminium alloy wall panels, walers, hexagonal nuts, gaskets, waler brackets, and tie-rod raking shores. These components work in harmony to ensure the strength, durability, and stability of the system. Once the tension tie-rods and walers are in place, the overall stability of the wall body significantly improves. However, it should be noted that upon dismantling the tie-rod formwork system, several tie-rod holes are left in the wall body. Special waterproofing measures should be implemented to address these positions.

Versatile Applications

The aluminium formwork system finds extensive application across various construction fields. It is suitable for constructing typical floors, similar house types, apartments, office towers, terrace houses, and hotels. Its adaptability allows for efficient and precise construction processes in different settings, enabling timely project completion and delivering high-quality results.


In conclusion, the comprehensive aluminium formwork system, offered by brands like GETO Global Construction, provides an efficient and versatile solution for construction projects. With its diverse system components, such as embedded flat-ties and tie-rods, it caters to different construction requirements. Its application scope spans across various fields, making it an ideal choice for typical floors, apartments, office towers, terrace houses, and hotels. By leveraging the benefits of the aluminium formwork system, construction projects can achieve improved efficiency, structural integrity, and successful outcomes.

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