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Experience Reliability and Efficiency with Shenling’s Commercial Heat Pump Solutions

Shenling Corporation is a trusted provider of innovative heating and cooling solutions, and their commercial heat pump systems are designed to meet the unique requirements of commercial buildings. With a focus on reliable design and efficient operation, Shenling offers the Polestar E Series commercial heat pump, delivering superior performance and versatility for a range of commercial applications.

Versatile Configuration for Meeting Engineering Requirements

The Polestar E Series commercial heat pump serves as the basic module, providing flexibility in system design. It can be mixed and spliced with other Shenling commercial heat pump systems, such as the Polestar EVI Series, to accommodate different engineering requirements. This modular approach allows for customization to fit the specific needs of commercial projects, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Water System Operation Guarantee and Variable Primary Flow

Shenling’s commercial heat pumps come equipped with essential features to ensure reliable operation. Each unit is equipped with a Y-type filter and differential pressure sensor as standard, providing protection against water shortage, blockage, and other potential issues that could damage the evaporator. Additionally, the commercial air source heat pump water heater is designed with a two-way valve control port, allowing for automatic control of the water pump’s flow based on actual demand. This setup enables the easy implementation of a variable primary flow system, optimizing energy efficiency and further enhancing system performance.


Upgrade your commercial building with Shenling’s commercial heat pump solutions and experience the reliability and efficiency they offer. With the flexibility of the Polestar E Series and the ability to mix and splice with other commercial heat pump systems, Shenling caters to unique engineering requirements. The built-in protection and variable primary flow system guarantee smooth operation and optimized energy usage. Trust in Shenling’s expertise and enjoy the benefits of their commercial heat pumps for a comfortable and efficient commercial space.

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