Learn the most effective way to play Roulette for all new players

Right below, take the pocket How to play Roulette effectively for betting members. Roulette is known as an extremely famous casino game New88. This is a game that is not too difficult but difficult to win. Many people have lost a lot of money in game halls but still failed. The reason is because you haven’t mastered certain strategies yet.
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What is Roulette?

Before learning aboutHow to play Roulette effectively Then you need to clearly understand what Roulette is. This is known as a game that includes a spinning wheel and 38 certain numbers. When all members have placed their bets, the dealer will place the ball on the outside of the wheel.

At this time, when the wheel rotates, this ball will fall into one of the rotating cells and stop in a certain cell. If the ball lands on the exact number that the bettor placed, he will win.

Roulette betting includes 2 main types. That is:

Bet inside

Inside bets include 6 certain types of bets: straight bets, corner bets, straight line bets, split bets, and 5-number bets.

Outside bets

Outside bets only have 3 basic types of bets: money bets, column bets, and tens bets. At this time, players can also place many different types of bets if they want. At the same time, betting members can spin freely because the game rules do not limit spins. As long as the total amount of each individual will not exceed $100.

The most effective way to play Roulette for betting members

Playing Roulette is simple, but it is difficult to win and get a lot of prize money. The reason is not the house but each betting member. You still aren’t sure what are the effective tips and strategies for playing Roulette. Take advantage of these effective ways to play Roulette to win.

How to play Roulette effectively using James Bond strategies

The James Bond strategy is considered by bettors to be the most effective way to play Roulette. This is also a very commonly used tactic. The reason is because it brings an extremely high probability of winning the match. However, bettors should note that you need at least $200 to continue participating in this game. At the same time, you need to divide the money based on the following boxes:
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  • Box number 0: Bet $10 with odds 1:35.
  • Box number 13 – 18: Bet $50 with ratio 1:5.
  • Box number 19 – 36: Bet $140 with odds 1:2.

When betting this way, bettors will have up to 70% of the winnings offered by the house. However, to achieve this, your capital must meet standards and be large enough.

How to play Roulette effectively using the spinning number trick

This is also rated as How to play Roulette effectively that bettors apply. At this time, bettors will determine the order of bets in the 2 areas appearing on the game table.

At this time, bettors need to divide the playing numbers into different areas. All of these areas will display numbers on the board. After that, members need to bet on all of these areas to increase their chances of winning.

This is also considered an extremely effective and smart betting method. The reason is because, after each Roulette table spins, the results of the numbers will change. Besides, the New88 dealer will tend to drop the ball suddenly. Thus, it is necessary to divide into different areas, the purpose of which is to increase your chances of winning.

How to play Roulette effectively with the trick of taking the wrong path

Currently, the trend of taking the wrong path on the Roulette table is also known as the diagonal trick. This is also a method highly appreciated by many bettors. With this direction of play, the possibility of matching the numbers is quite high. Therefore, with the wrong way, bettors can win several games in a row. However, you still need to change direction to have a higher chance of winning.

While participating in the game, you will have to walk diagonally. At the same time, if the player completes a game, he will stop at one game. In particular, you need to pay attention that the next game will not follow the path of the previous game. At this time, the player will own a total of 3 Roulette games played diagonally. Each path will give a different value.


Above, we know what Roulette is like? At the same time How to play Roulette effectively for betting members. Hopefully with the above tips of New88, you will know how to apply it to increase your odds of winning.

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