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Light Sky Moving Head Lights: Unleash Creativity with Mini Lunar Stage Lighting

When it comes to stage lighting, Light Sky moving head lights are renowned for their exceptional quality and performance. The Mini Lunar series is specifically designed to offer versatile lighting solutions for various scenes and events. If you’re interested in mini stage lights that deliver high-quality and captivating lighting effects, Light Sky‘s Mini Lunar moving head lights are the perfect choice. Let’s delve into the features of these lights and how they can meet your stage lighting needs.

Captivating color effects

Light Sky’s Mini Lunar moving head lights are equipped with a color wheel that offers 14 colors, including open, with bi-directional rotation and a rainbow effect. These lights allow lighting designers to create captivating color transitions and vibrant atmospheres in their performances. Whether you’re looking for soft, warm tones or bold, saturated hues, the Mini Lunar lights can meet your color requirements and bring your artistic vision to life.

Versatile design and features

Light Sky’s Mini Lunar moving head lights are designed with versatility in mind. They feature a beam angle selection that allows you to choose between a 0.6° or 1.2° beam angle, giving you control over the focus and spread of the light. The lights also come with a static gobo wheel that includes 11 gobos, open, and 3 animation range, offering a wide range of patterns and effects. Additionally, the lights have an adjustable wash effect angle and motorized focus, enabling precise control over the lighting output. With pre-programmed random strobe and pulse effects, you can add dynamic elements to your lighting design and create visually stunning moments on stage.


Light Sky’s Mini Lunar moving head lights are the perfect solution for those seeking high-quality and versatile stage lighting equipment. With their captivating color effects, versatile design, and advanced features, these lights empower lighting designers to unleash their creativity and deliver unforgettable performances. Light Sky’s commitment to providing high-quality mini-beam lights ensures that you’ll receive exceptional products that meet your stage lighting needs. Reach out to Light Sky’s expert team today to explore their Mini Lunar series and take your stage lighting to new heights.

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