List of Indian Presidents (1947- 2023) with Stunning Visuals 

Are you preparing for competitive exams and looking for a comprehensive list of Indian Presidents? Look no further! This article presents you with the complete Indian president list with photo from 1947 to 2023 to enhance your learning experience. 

Dr Rajendra Prasad (1950-1962): The First President of India

Dr Rajendra Prasad, a freedom fighter and a scholar, served as the first President of India. He played a pivotal role in drafting the Indian Constitution and establishing the Republic of India. 

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (1962-1967): The Philosopher President

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a renowned philosopher, took office as the second President of India. He was a visionary leader who emphasised the importance of education and spiritual values. 

Dr Zakir Husain (1967-1969): The Educator President

He dedicated his life to the field of education and was a staunch advocate for the empowerment of marginalised communities. During his tenure, Dr Husain worked towards fostering national unity and inclusive growth.

  1. V. Giri (1969-1974): The Independent President

He was elected as an independent candidate, breaking away from the traditional party system. Giri’s presidency reflected his commitment to workers’ welfare and the underprivileged upliftment.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed (1974-1977): The Emergency President

The declaration of a state of emergency marked the tumultuous period. Despite the political challenges, President Ahmed worked towards maintaining the integrity of the constitutional framework.

Neelam Sanjiva Reddy (1977-1982): The Uncontested President

His election was unique as he was elected unopposed, showcasing unity and consensus among political parties. President Reddy’s tenure witnessed significant advancements in the field of science and technology.

Giani Zail Singh (1982-1987): The Controversial President

Controversies and strained relations with the ruling government marked his presidency. Despite the challenges, President Singh actively promoted the welfare of farmers and the rural population.

  1. Venkataraman (1987-1992): The Lawyer President

His presidency focused on strengthening democratic institutions and fostering economic growth. President Venkataraman actively promoted social justice and equality.

Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma (1992-1997): The Scholar President

His presidency was marked by his commitment to secularism, communal harmony, and human rights. President Sharma played a crucial role in upholding the values enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

  1. R. Narayanan (1997-2002): The People’s President

He is the first President of the Dalit community. President Narayanan’s tenure was characterised by his efforts to promote inclusivity, social justice, and transparency in governance.

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (2002-2007): The Missile Man President 

He is a renowned scientist and visionary, and assumed the office of the eleventh President of India. Known as the “Missile Man of India,” President Kalam inspired the nation with his scientific achievements and vision for a developed India. 

Pratibha Patil (2007-2012): India’s First Female President

Her presidency aimed to empower women and promote gender equality. President Patil worked towards the welfare of marginalised sections of society and highlighted the importance of education and skill development.

Pranab Mukherjee (2012-2017): The Experienced Statesman

His presidency focused on strengthening bilateral relations with other countries and promoting economic reforms. President Mukherjee’s vast experience in public service was invaluable during his tenure.

Ram Nath Kovind (2017-2022): The Dalit President

As the second President of the Dalit community, President Kovind has been instrumental in advocating for the rights of marginalised communities and promoting social welfare initiatives.

Droupadi Murmu (present) 

She is a former teacher who has been serving as the 15th and current President of India since 2022. She is the first person belonging to the tribal community and also the second woman after Pratibha Patil to hold the office.

Indian president list with photo from 1947 to 2023 helps to understand the country’s democratic ethos and the diverse talents of its leaders. Each President has made significant contributions to the nation, leaving a lasting impact on the socio-political landscape of India. This article will be helpful to enhance your learning for competitive exams.

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