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Powering Industrial Lighting Solutions: Done Power – Leading LED Driver Manufacturers in China

In the realm of industrial lighting, the role of LED drivers is crucial in providing an efficient and reliable power supply to LED lighting systems. Done Power, the prominent LED driver manufacturers in China, stands out as a leader in the industry. With a strong emphasis on research and development, stringent quality control measures, and impressive manufacturing capacity, Done Power has established itself as a trusted provider of high-performance LED drivers for industrial lighting applications.

Impressive Manufacturing Capacity

Done Power boasts impressive manufacturing capacity to meet the growing demands of the industrial lighting industry. With 10 high-power LED driver production lines, the factory has a daily production capacity of 5,000 LED drivers. Equipped with advanced equipment such as wave soldering, AOI optical testers, ATE full-function testers, high-power aging cabinets, and automatic glue-filling production lines, Done Power ensures the efficient and reliable manufacture of LED drivers. Furthermore, the company is actively investing in a fully automatic production line for high-power LED power supplies, expected to be operational before 2022. This investment in automation will boost production capacity by 40%, further solidifying Done Power’s position as a leading LED driver manufacturer in China.


Done Power, a renowned LED driver manufacturer in China, is revolutionizing industrial lighting solutions with its focus on innovation, quality control, and impressive manufacturing capacity. The company’s dedicated R&D team drives the development of cutting-edge LED driver solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the market. Done Power’s stringent quality control measures ensure the reliability and performance of their products, instilling confidence in customers. With a robust manufacturing capacity and future investments in automation, Done Power is well-equipped to meet the growing demands of the industrial lighting industry. By choosing Done Power as their partner, businesses can access high-performance LED drivers that power their industrial lighting systems with efficiency and reliability.

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