Comparing Costs When Shipping Your Car & Other Items in California

If you need to ship something large in California, comparing costs between services can be daunting. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Here is some help on finding affordable shipping providers.


Due to its size, car shipping can be more costly than other forms of freight transport. But don’t despair – there are ways you can lower costs when shipping vehicles in California.

Reducing costs when shipping cars in California can also be done using terminal to terminal car transport services. These options to ship car to California allow you to bring your vehicle directly into a central location and drop it off, saving both on fuel costs as well as on maintenance. This is a great option for those on a budget.

Prior to having your vehicle picked up for transport, it is advisable to clean and photograph its condition prior to being collected as proof of its original state. This may help in case of disputes over damages incurred during transit.

Employing professional car transportation services is one of the best ways to ensure that your vehicle arrives quickly and in perfect condition at its destination in California. By working with an established, reputable provider you can rest easy knowing that your car will reach its final destination safely.


Shipping furniture is an increasingly popular service that can save money when buying and moving large items, while simultaneously selling old pieces you no longer require. Before opting to ship furniture there are certain considerations you must keep in mind, such as size, distance and additional protection needs.

Where and what you ship depends on both distance and size; long distance and international shipments will incur additional mileage fees, special packing requirements, customs fees and potential taxes that must be paid upon import/export. To minimize costs associated with long distance/international shipping it’s wise to plan ahead by booking early – and consider shipping during off-season rates when rates may be significantly reduced.

When shopping for furniture shipping services, be sure to select one of many insured and licensed providers. Verify their website for certifications and reviews from past customers for added assurance that they can provide high-quality service during your shipment. Finding a company you can trust with your move will make the experience stress-free and affordable – make sure it’s licensed!

Shipping furniture quotes depend primarily on two factors: size and destination. In general, larger items tend to cost more to ship. You can lower costs by packing your item as small as possible in an as sturdy a box as possible – including plenty of fillers such as Styrofoam or cardboard corner guards! This will prevent potential damages during transit.

Many large furniture retailers and independent furniture makers provide curbside delivery, which is cheaper but less convenient than white glove delivery. Curbside delivery providers will deliver furniture directly to your driveway; it is then your responsibility to bring it inside and assemble it before moving it further.

LTL freight may also be an economical way to ship furniture that you can; it combines your shipment with those from other people in a group shipment and tends to be the least susceptible to damage than other methods.


Electronics are one of the highest-value commodities shipped via truck freight, accounting for 62% of $1.7 trillion worth in devices last year alone. To ensure they reach their destinations safely, enlisting the help of a logistics company specializing in large items is wise.

For best results when packing devices, choose a box that is larger in all dimensions than their original packaging for maximum protection. Next, fill any empty spaces with cushioning materials like bubble wrap, air pillows, Styrofoam sheets and packing peanuts as these provide added cushioning protection during transit. Foam block kits may also help customize and secure shipments.

Consideration must also be given to the g-force of your devices when packing them for shipping. High levels of g-force can damage electronics, rendering them unusable; so use protective materials such as aluminum shielding. In addition, consider including signature upon delivery service for high-value electronics in order to protect against porch piracy.

Household Goods

Shipping household goods is often costly depending on their weight and distance of travel; on average, though; you should expect to spend approximately $1.81 per mile for shorter journeys and $0.59 for longer distance shipments – which can sound like a lot for smaller household goods!

When shipping heavy items, it is crucial that they are accurately measured and packed to avoid incurring unexpected oversize/overweight charges. If unsure how best to pack your shipment, seek advice from a household moving specialist for tips and advice. It may be better to ship using a consolidated freight service as they tend to offer better services with more capable personnel capable of managing heavy packages at more reasonable rates.

Shipping services typically charge extra fees to ship packages that are oversized, which may or may not be determined by weight. Any oversized shipment may incur dimension weight pricing that calculates by multiplying length, width and height by an unknown factor such as dimension-based divisor.

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