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Enhance Connectivity with FIBERCAN’s Versatile Fiber Optic Panel

FIBERCAN is a trusted brand known for their innovative solutions in the field of fiber optics. Their fiber optic panel offers a high-density patching solution with exceptional functionality and versatility. With a standardized 1-inch chassis, this panel can accommodate 12 cores to an impressive 144 cores, providing ample capacity for your connectivity needs.

Seamless Fusion of Functions

FIBERCAN’s fiber optic panel takes connectivity to the next level by seamlessly integrating optical fiber fusion splicing, disk storage, and wiring functionalities. This all-in-one integration eliminates the need for separate components, simplifying installation and reducing clutter. Whether it’s fusion splicing, storing disks, or managing wiring, this panel has got you covered.

Adaptability for Various Connectors

The versatile splicing module of FIBERCAN’s fiber optic panel is designed to accommodate FC, SC, and ST adapters. This means that it is suitable for both ordinary pigtails and bundled pigtails, offering flexibility for different connection requirements. With FIBERCAN’s panel, you can easily adapt and connect in the most efficient way possible.


FIBERCAN’s fiber optic panel is a game-changer in the world of connectivity. With its high-density patching capability and a wide range of cores, it provides a reliable and efficient solution for managing your fiber optic connections. Choose FIBERCAN for your fiber optic panel needs and experience enhanced connectivity like never before. Take advantage of their innovative solutions and simplify your connectivity setup with FIBERCAN’s versatile and high-performance fiber optic panel.

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